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The Railway
Trains depart from Woodside station, every Sunday afternoon between 12pm and 4pm, throughout the Summer months. Our railway is open from Easter until late October.
Locomotive Fleet
Sweet Pea
Based on an 0-4-0 narrow gauge contractors locomotive, Sweet Pea is the oldest loco on the line.
Metre Maid
Sweet Pea's bigger and newer sister. Identical to Sweet Pea, but with an extra set of wheels and side tanks.
A 4 wheel drive petrol hydraulic locomotive. Midlander is the mainstay of the fleet.
An 0-6-0 battery electric locomotive. Charlatan is based on a BR Class 08 shunting engine.
We are also regularly visited by locomotives from our members and visiting societies. Visit our gallery to see some of these locomotives in action.
More On The Web
Visit our collection of interesting website links for the dedicated model engineering fan.
Our Miniature Railway
Our public railway, operated by the Mid Cheshire Society of Model Engineers.
Welcome to the Miniature Railway section of our website. In this section, you will find lots of information about our society operated railway. Since 1999, our railway has been providing enjoyment for both children and adults alike.
An Overview
Formed in 1974, the Mid Cheshire Society of Model Engineers moved to its current site in the mid 1990's to start work on their next project. Having out-grown Moss Farm in Northwich, it was decided to move to a new site and develop a larger railway. The new railway was constructed and work was completed on the railway in mid 1998, opening fully in 1999 to the public.
Having celebrated a decade in service, the railway is still entertaining the public, both young and old today. We are continuing to develop the railway and this is mainly down to kind donations from the general public. We don't charge a fixed fare to ride on our railway, but we do ask for a small donation to the society.
Remember, all the money raised from the railway goes directly back into the society and is used for improvements and maintainance. We've recently finished building two new passenger riding cars and soon an all new second railway will appear on site!
About This Website
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