Our Track

Sandiway Miniature Railway is now bigger than ever…

Ground level tracks

There are two concentric circuits of ground level track at Sandiway. The shorter circuit is approximately 280 metres in length and follows the route as it existed before the extensions of 2019 and 2022 were completed. It is all laid at dual gauge, these being 5″ and 7.25″ and is accessed from the larger circuit by means of a crossover.

A set of dual gauge points for the ground level track under construction. MCSME’s track team has achieved incredible results and the quality of the tracklaying is among the best of any miniature railway.

The larger circuit is approximately 460 metres in length and incorporates the southern extension (completed in 2019) and the much longer northern extension (completed in 2022). Around half of this circuit is dual gauge, but the northern extension is 7.25″ gauge only. (All the rolling stock in regular use is 7.25″ gauge, so this does not really restrict our activities; the track has been constructed to enable the addition of a third rail, for 5″ gauge running, in the future.) The circuit passes over two bridges and, in Woodside station, it has a passing loop. Points are operated manually, although it is intended that they will be equipped for remote operation in the future.

In Sandiway Wood, where the two curcuits run parallel to each other. Neil is seen driving live team engine Gloin.

Raised track

A circuit of raised level track is to be found inside the two ground level circuits. It is dual gauge, at 3.5″ and 5″ gauges. It is under development and not currently in use for public trains, although members have driven a selection of locomotives around it.

Alan drives one of Malcolm’s pair of 5″ gauge Class 37 locomotives on the raised track at a Club event
February 2023: Work has started on a new turntable for the raised track

Track plans

Come for a ride on a train at Sandiway and you will be taken round the biggest circuit we have…

Most of the ground level track is dual gauge; the Northern Extension is 7.25″ gauge only…