Northern Extension Opened

The Northern Extension of our track at Sandiway was officially opened on Saturday 16 April 2022. The extension, which sees the track almost double in length (it is now around 450 metres long) has been built to a very high standard by our dedicated team of track-laying volunteers, who started work on it in 2021.

The extension has been laid at 7.25″ gauge; the existing track remains dual gauge (at 5″ and 7.25″ gauge) and, with some remodelling, the overall track layout now consists of two concentric loops (the shorter, inner loop being dual gauge throughout).

Sol Johnson pilots Red Damsel along the new extension.
Locomotives gather for the official opening.
Neil Brady drives Gloin around the outer loop; note that, where the train comes off the extension, the single gauge track joins the existing dual gauge track. The inner loop is in the foreground.
A connection is made during tracklaying.

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