32yrs, Not Out

Written by Geoff Foreman, in 2006.

Not so long ago we had a barbecue to celebrate our thirty years existence, blessed by beautiful weather and a gathering of most members, it was a real celebration. If it wasn’t for our Chairman, Geoff Johnson, buying that DIY carriage shed, we could have been sitting with our cuppas, reminiscing for the last two years.

Since we were 25 we have settled down, steadily improving our facilities. Midlander has a new body, we have a picnic area (somewhere to go over the bridge at last!) and a proper signaling system. We were awarded a Lottery grant of £5000 in December 2005 for a new carriage shed and a riding car for the disabled and this work is well advanced.

We moved into the 21st century when Colin Usher originated our Society Web Site and this has been progressively improved. Anno Domini is taking effect on some of our Members, but we still see them kicking from time to time.

Fortunately some younger members are coming along and their efforts are evident already.