36yrs, Not Out

Written by Geoff Foreman, in 2010.

Six years ago we had a barbecue to celebrate our thirty years existence, blessed by beautiful weather and a gathering of most members, it was a real celebration. If it wasn’t for our then Chairman, Geoff Johnson, buying that DIY carriage shed, we could have been sitting with our cuppas, reminiscing for the last few years.

Now, in 2010 the workshop is finished, complete with machinery and an adjacent toilet facility taking us into the 21st century. On completion of Midlander’s new body, the picnic area over the bridge and the signalling system we completed the riding car for the disabled and another in the same style. Further improvements included updated electrics in the steaming bays and a level crossing to access inside the track.

Unfortunately we have lost some of our older members, but on a brighter note, we have maintained our overall numbers by the addition of new members who have given the Society a boost and are currently well advanced in constructing a 5″ and 3½” raised track within the ground level loop. Older members rejoice!

At the 2010 AGM Officers Geoff Johnson and Fred Webster resigned (Thanks for your service over the years) and we now have Dai Griffin and Dave Manley as Chairman and Secretary respectively. We also have an updated website thanks to Chris Lindop and contributors and we look forward to 2011 with enthusiasm!